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buying page2Buying a property is an exciting time and an investment in your future. Jeannette Ernst Conveyancing Professionals are experts in all facets of Conveyancing including, real estate purchases, sales, Section 32 Vendors Statements, Sub Divisions, Family Breakup and Deceased Estate Real Estate Transfers, Retirement Living Contract Reviews and can help you in every facet of your real estate conveyancing needs. 

 Jeannette Ernst Conveyancing has many decades of real estate conveyancing experience and maintains offices in Geelong and Drysdale.   We service the Greater Geelong area and the Bellarine.  As we are Licensed Conveyancers in the state of Victoria, we also provide real estate conveyancing services to all of Victoria.  Our word of mouth referrals often see us conducting real estate conveyancing services to all areas of Victoria. 

 As a free service to our conveyancing customers, we provide a free and fast Conveyancing Pre Purchase Contract Review Service.  Our Conveyancing Pre Purchase Contract Review Service provides you with piece of mind about the proposed sale terms and conditions contained within the Contract Of Sale and Section 32 Vendors Statement.  This involves breaking down the Contract of Sale and Vendors Statement into plain English and warning you if there are any nasty or non standard clauses that you should be aware of.  

A Section 32 Vendors Statement is a disclosure statement from the owner (Vendor) of the property which sets out details as required by law before a valid Contract of Sale can be entered into.  The Victorian Government has recently introduced significant change in this area of conveyancing law that improves your rights to be made aware of significant material facts that may impact upon your future use of the property.

To avoid costly conveyancing disputes, it is essential to conduct pre purchase research on the property so that you are aware of restrictions such as Caveats, Easements, Encumbrances and Planning Restrictions that may impact upon your future use of the property.  We assist our customers throughout the conveyancing process to understand the property that they are looking to buy and arm our customers with knowledge and confidence before they make their offer to buy. 

Cooling Off Periods apply to most residential real estate purchases.  Whilst a cooling off period applies to many residential real estate purchases, there are costs and risks involved.  Cooling Off Periods do not apply when buying at Auction (or within 3 days) or when buying certain commerical or rural properties.  Purchasers can also make their offer Subject to Finance, Subject to a Builders Inspection, Subject to Pest Inspection or many other conditions.  Our conveyancing database contains precedent wording for many contingencies to ensure that your interests are protected during the property sale process.  

Potential Purchasers are strongly advised to make relevant checks about the property they are looking to buy.  This might include checking the size and dimensions of the property against Title Certificates, checking for structural integrity of dwellings, compliance with permit conditions, working order of appliances, combustible cladding, drainage and foundation condition.  Our conveyancers can assist to connect you to trusted professionals to ensure that you are aware of the property you are buying.  

 With over 30 years of conveyancing experience in the Greater Geelong and Bellarine area, Jeannette Ernst can guide you through the maze of property purchasing.  Call our friendly conveyancers on (03) 5222 3230 for a free, no obligation chat or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Our staff are all based at our Geelong and Drysdale office locations.